hello friends, sitting here in my pjs waiting for another blizzard to blow through and do it's dance across the lake.


there have been some brave souls driving around it the past couple days, fishing through the ice and leaving snowy crop circles and tire hearts in big loop de loops. i prefer to stay inside with my hot water bottle until i'm about to go batshit insane (why batshit by the way? does bat feces carry bacteria that causes people to hallucinate or something?) and then i run around the lake (more like slip and wobble) listening to demos of the new album.

yes, new songs are coming! right now they're feeling kind of like this:


lots of ghosts in this batch, to be expected with returning to the east coast and all… also i'm staying in a very haunted house (as i started this entry the ominous baby crying started) and undergoing the personal inventory that winter always brings about.

all this indoors time has been good for productivity and in addition to dozens of songs to choose from there are over sixty new 2015 shows on the calendar! i'll head south early march, then west through mo & ne & co to the sw and west coast. a quick loop through id and mt in late june and then most of the summer in cali :)

august i plow quick through co & tx to fl where i'll take off for poland! yes, my first tour of eastern europe starts in september, followed by a return to switzerland and italy. if you'd like to host a house show or if you have any venue suggestions i'd really appreciate them. 

okey dokey, time to make some tea. happy sunday and talk to you soon.

the road is frozen