Greetings! I'm Cygne, a songwriter-guitarist based in Santa Cruz, California (looks intimidating, but it's pronounced seen). I just completed a fifteen-country tour in support of my latest album, Let It Breathe. (Enter your email to the right and I'll send you an acoustic version!) Right now I'm taking a pause to write-reflect-record-reeeelax and I'm documenting my discoveries-uncoveries-recoveries here as well as on Instagram. If you feel moved to, please say hello!

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Take Me Home: Brentwood, CA 

October 6, 2010 Shoutout to Patrick Dunn, who just supported my work on Patreon. Not only did Patrick host me when I was in LA, he's babysat my guitar, backed my albums, shared stages, and more than anything this guy has written some kickass songs. 
On this particular stay I'd just flown from NYC to LA. I'd spent the summer between tours working M-F at a holistic healing center, F/S nights at a teen center, one day a week at the farmers' market, plus playing occasional gigs, recording Been Here Before on days off (?), and booking a cross-country tour. Not to mention my family was going through a really hard time. Tour felt like vacation. 

As usual leaving New York I got pulled out of the security line. "Is this your bag." (Not a question.) 
"Do you mind if I search it." (Not a question.) 
"Go ahead." 
"Okay. Please watch what I do carefully, but do not reach in or touch your bag." 
The TSA worker unzipped my backpack, peeling it open with plastic fingers as if expecting to find a severed head.
"What is this?" He held up a jar. "Is this honey?" (Actual questions.) 
"No, it's quinoa... it's a grain (actually a seed)... like rice." 
"Is it edible or just to look at?" (Actual question.) 
"It's my breakfast." 
He made a face, shook his head, and sent me on my way. 

Back in California, where jars of non-glutinous grain-like-but-not-grain seeds are the norm, my quinoa and I slept peacefully under Bob Dylan's watch. 

Thank you, Patrick & Taylor. <3

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Take Me Home: Santa Cruz, CA 

January 22, 2008 From L.A. I twisted north through the Grapevine, narrowly missing the fourth snowstorm of the week. When I arrived at the house of my mom's friend I couldn't see the ocean but I could smell it, I could feel it, and I could hear it. Maybe first impressions really are everything. 

Santa Cruz is the one place I've returned to more times than I've left. Ten years later I'm in the same friend's house, though now she's my friend and we're in a different house down the street. Like that first night I will fall asleep listening to the waves, inhaling a mixture of gratitude, awe, and anxiety. "I love it here SO MUCH! Nancy is so freaking good to me. Gosh those seals are cute. I hope there isn't an earthquake. What would happen in a tsunami? Could I ever afford to live here?" 
I come from a different shore, where we're raised to worry. But I've learned to trust the tide and by the time I exhale the waves will have worked their magic and I'll be drifting off to sleep....  
Thank you, Nancy. Good night, all.

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Take Me Home: Ojai, CA 

January 21, 2011 Flash forward a few years - I was still runnin' down a dream though runnin' out of stream when @beatricewoodcenter invited me to spend a month in Ojai as songwriter-in-residence. (More on Beato and Happy Valley to come - sign-up link in profile). 
From NYC I landed in the golden hills of Happy Valley twirling like Julie Andrews. On this particular day, halfway through the residency, I'd ridden that ecstatic arrival through the rough wake that follows any abrupt stop. Alone in a house of spirits nighttime noises took getting used to. Quail flew into darkened glass doors and my thoughts - no longer wrung out by long drives and loud concerts - were a cyclone. Ravenous, dreaming wildly, writing profusely, I spent the previous night cocooned in my sleeping bag, a matryoshka doll, a nest within a nest within a nest. 
In the daylight I emailed hundred venues for a European tour, mailed posters for a US tour, and then broke the monotony (satisfying in its own way) to bask in the pink moment, when sunset illuminates Topatopa Mountains. Weaving through the amber fields as they took on the underwater hues of early evening I paused under my favorite story-telling tree. "Do more things that are irrelevant." I walked up to the Ojai Foundation and swung on a swing until the cool air beckoned coyote's first call. 
The rest of the night passed blissfully doing what I love best - putting words with music. 
Thank you, Beato, Kevin, Sheryl, & Maryann. 
The Center survived the wildfire however there is considerable damage to the property. Please visit their page and consider becoming a member or making a purchase to support the fantastic work they're doing for peace, love, and art.

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Take Me Home: Hollywood, CA 

January 20, 2008 As I approached Los Angeles my lazy Sunday desert drive became a video arcade of wide lanes, fast cars, and bright lights. I had no smartphone, no wifi, no GPS, but I did have a Motel 6 directory and I called every location. The whole town was booked. Not knowing where to turn I continued up 101, high on hope, and I waited for my sign. "Magical things happen in LA," I thought. "Tom Petty lives here." 

Most of you know Tom Petty was/is/forever will be my hero. More than a hero, his voice has been that of a rock-and-roll-surrogate-angel-father guiding me through adolescence (and it's all adolescence). I don't know if his music saved my life but something close to it. It gave me life. I was only five-years-old when I first heard Full Moon Fever but dreams are timeless and in those songs I heard my own. A fuse ignited, coiling all the way from that small Vermont town to the City of Angels.... 
Vermont Avenue - there was my sign. I exited and followed Vermont Avenue to a fluorescent Travelodge, the office windows fogged-up and ominous under the full moon. They had a room, but for an outrageous $85/night - more than I'd made on tour so far, and a lot less than I'd lost. I hesitated and turned to leave. Where could I go? Beside my foot a familiar face stared up from the current LA Weekly cover story, "A Sound Map of Tom Petty's Los Angeles.” 

I tucked the paper under my arm, handed over my credit card, and filled in the plate information. On the way upstairs I spooked a mouse and bolted myself inside as a roach skittered into the bathroom. Flipping open Tom’s map, the only map I had of Los Angeles, I scanned record labels, studios, venues... and then, "Travelodge: Petty lived at the Travelodge with his wife while recording the first album. His daughter was born just after they moved to L.A., and while living at the hotel they put her in a drawer as a crib. 1401 N. Vermont Ave."  

Workin' on a mystery 
Goin' wherever it leads  
Runnin' down a dream 

Thank you, Tom. 

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Take Me Home: Tucumcari, NM 

January 19, 2008 From Kansas City I drove to Tucumcari, NM, where I "slept" in my car before driving to Los Angeles. Quotations because the desert wind was so strong, cold, and scary I sat up every twenty minutes to put on the flashlight and/or heat. 

Not a day goes by when I don't think about how fortunate I am for these wheels, my privilege, and the generosity of those who have sheltered my body and spirit. What about those who aren't so fortunate? We can't change the desert wind but we can change a lot of other things. . 
P.S. For those of you who remember Laura Meyer's Semi-Roadmade this is where I made rice noodle soup with hot water and Bragg's.

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Take Me Home: Overland Park, KS 

January 18, 2008 I was touring cross-country for the first time, ecstatic and terrified. Iowa was an endless hunger of hard snow and bible radio. In Omaha I made $20, listened to a guy cover "Red, Red Wine," and camped out at a Motel 6 until a blizzard threatened to keep me there forever. My Kansas City show was so empty you could hear the snow tinkling outside but the bartender turned me on to Serge Gainsbourg so overall it was a success. 

Not knowing anyone west of the Mississippi and quickly realizing #tourlife #aintcheap I called my high school boyfriend's younger brother's best friend's mother in Overland Park, KS. I feared she might kick me out when she realized I was the Bad Influence who introduced her son to Goddard and encouraged him to follow his heart but we made peace over spaghetti (RIP gluten). I slept deeply and awoke gratefully with a cat curled at my feet, Ananda (pictured, also RIP due to Let It Breathe but a nice guy in Atlanta has her now) by my side, and a $50 bill tucked under the snow-covered driver's door handle. 

Thank you so much for making this work possible. If I'd had known how wacky and windy this road would become I never would have set out on it and I'm so glad I did. 

As I work on the next projects I'm taking a hiatus from touring. I already miss it and yet I'm very tired (in bed with a hot water bottle feels more appropriate than onstage right now) and I'm also very excited for New Stuff that requires time, attention, and energy.  

In the meantime I'm going to post photos from the journey thus far. There are tens of thousands. As some of you know I've been taking pictures of every place I sleep for ten years so I'm thinking that's a good place to start... as a daily reminder of gratitude, and of how acts of kindness carry and transform our lives.

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Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year!!! Here's an excerpt from the first week of the 52 Originals Project :D

With the support of patrons & fans in 2017 I covered a new song each week while performing 158 concerts in a dozen countries. Suffice to say it's been an inspiring year and I'm ready to get writing!!

In 2018 I'll write and upload a new song every week. If you're interested in gaining exclusive access to new songs, stories, and images please check out Patreon! I'd love to hear your comments, suggestions, and requests as the second year of this project evolves. 


I'm sitting here in my mom's sunroom watching the sunrise through the snowy frozen naked branches. We're excited to fill the bird feeders this afternoon - we haven't lately because a bear's been roaming the neighborhood but now he's sleeping so we can feed the little songbirds. 

Speaking of which - three cygnes have been coasting across the street! It has been SO COLD I don't know how their little feathered bellies take it. They're not out there today because this weekend's subzero temperatures finally froze the lake solid - some ice fishermen are out there this morning. Crazy how quickly things change. Though often too slowly for us to detect. 

So here's to changing at the speed of life! My mom's birthday is today so the first song of the 52 Originals Project is for her. She thinks I'm crazy to be taking on this project for various reasons - my life is in flux (always), my anxiety is high (especially), and I tend to be obsessive compulsive about songwriting. But we've been at this for a while now, and I want to keep practicing letting go and creating regularly (versus sporadically) and hopefully inspiring you to do the same. We have 52 covers and a lot of mileage behind us, so we've built a little foundation for trust, don't you think? 

Thank you so much for supporting this project and my songwriting/creative process. After a year of learning other people's songs I feel so much stored up creative juju. I imagine I'll share a combination of brand new ideas as well as songs sprouted from ideas I've been holding for a while. Please feel free to comment with song/thematic requests and I'll do my best to honor them. I've never really shared works-in-progress/unfinished songs with anyone other than my sister or Steve (producer) but I heard that Paul McCartney once said a song isn't finished until you hear it on the radio. So to hell with perfectionism, here's to the present. And maybe one day the radio? 

I wish you the happiest of years and good luck with your resolutions, plans, and aspirations for 2018. 


Happy Solstice  

Here is a Hafiz poem (translated by Daniel Ladinsky) to encourage your light on the longest night:

It Felt Love 

Did the rose 
Ever open its heart 

And give this world 
All its 

It felt the encouragement of light 
Against its 

We all remain 




Have a very happy everything and I wish you all the sun's light in 2018. <3


Recipe for happiness 

Just a little note to say happy December. :)

Soon we'll begin winter's slow ascent so enjoy these last weeks of free-fallin'.

It's easy to get swept away in the excitement of the season... and that's the natural current, so why not roll with it?  

Just remember to allow space for rest. That way you can enjoy the festivities.

Restivities?I like the sound of that.

Also - when things get busy our favorite activities are often the first to get squeezed out. Make sure to allow time and energy for what you love every day. That's the secret to having not just a happy holiday but a happy life. 
Patience. Love. Generosity. Laughter. Understanding. Kindness. Hope. We have all the ingredients. No need to go to the mall. 

But if you want a couple stocking stuffers... ;)

Happy Descent!

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completely forgot about this one: 

had a nice long weekend of bee-ing, and now i'm bee-ing re-minded that bee-ing is more effective than doo-ing!

as the holly-daze rev up re-member to wind down <3