Recipe for happiness

Just a little note to say happy December. :)

Soon we'll begin winter's slow ascent so enjoy these last weeks of free-fallin'.

It's easy to get swept away in the excitement of the season... and that's the natural current, so why not roll with it?  

Just remember to allow space for rest. That way you can enjoy the festivities.

Restivities?I like the sound of that.

Also - when things get busy our favorite activities are often the first to get squeezed out. Make sure to allow time and energy for what you love every day. That's the secret to having not just a happy holiday but a happy life. 
Patience. Love. Generosity. Laughter. Understanding. Kindness. Hope. We have all the ingredients. No need to go to the mall. 

But if you want a couple stocking stuffers... ;)

Happy Descent!

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